Shipping and Returns Policy

Buzzbox Coffee’s Shipping Policy

Updated December 8, 2012

At Buzzbox Coffee, our coffee shipping policy ensures our customers receive the best quality, certified organic, shade-grown, fairly traded coffees available. We ship our coffee quickly to each customer’s home to ensure the coffee is as fresh as possible.

Buzzbox Coffee subscriptions

All of our Buzzbox Coffee subscription member receives FREE COFFEE SHIPPING for each Buzzbox Coffee subscription order.

Standard Coffee Shipping Times are as follows:

  • Free Buzzbox Coffee Shipping: Since Buzzbox Coffee ships coffee through the United States Postal Service, typical coffee shipping times range from 1 business day (most of Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho) to 7 business days (Southeastern USA such as Florida). In most cases, however, your Buzzbox Coffee shipment will ship via USPS Priority Service. The United States Postal Service specifies a 3-5 business day shipping timeframe for all Flat Rate Priority shipments.
  • Standard Retail Orders: For all standard retail (non-box) orders, we offer the same coffee shipping options as our Coffee Lover’s Boxes at a flat rate shipping price.

CICR’s Coffee Return Policy

Updated December 8, 2012

To cancel or postpone a shipment at no cost please notify us within 48 hours of shipping.

To receive a full refund minus $8.95 shipping and handling within 21 days of purchase simply call (866) 387-JAVA (866 387-5282). Shipment refusals will not guarantee a refund of your purchase unless a customer service representative has directed that refusal.

Buzzbox Coffee’s Subscription Cancellation Policy

Updated March 18, 2013

The purpose of our Buzzbox Coffee program is to provide a convenient way to receive the best coffee in the world at the lowest possible price. We will always strive to not only offer the best coffee in the world, but to also make your experience with our company as great as possible.

Cancellation Cutoff:

Since we roast our coffee fresh-to-order, we do ask that you give us a minimum of two days to enact a cancellation request.  Any cancellation received within two business days of your shipment leaving our building, will be applied to the following shipment.  Any shipments that are returned outside of this acceptable cancellation window is subject to a flat-rate shipping charge of $8.95.

Email Cancellation Policy:

While our email system is typically great, it doesn’t allow us that customer interaction really needed.  Furthermore, we’ve had times in the past when emails have been lost in the “black hole” of the internet.  With those challenges, we require all cancellations to be done via a phone call.  Don’t worry — we don’t bite! This is a hassle-free call!  Our toll free number is 1-866-387-JAVA (5282).

Written Letter (Mail or Fax) Cancellation Policy:

Much the same as email, there is a chance your letter or fax could get lost before it even makes it to our hands.  We want to make sure all cancellation requests are handled immediately and if we can ever offer a better alternative, chatting with one of our coffee bean experts will allow you the opportunity to explore that.

“Never Pay For Coffee” Referrals Program Terms and Conditions

The “Never Pay For Coffee” Referrals Program(“Referral Referrals Program”) by Camano Island Coffee Roasters LLC. (“CICR”) is designed to help you get the most out of your Coffee Lover’s Club membership. We reward you for referring your friends and family to the Referrals Program. The following terms and conditions contain important information regarding the Referral Referrals Program. Please read the following Referral Referrals Program Terms and Conditions carefully. These Referral Referrals Program Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and CICR and will govern your participation in any and all Referral Referrals Program offers. Participation in the Referral Referrals Program constitutes your agreement to the Site Terms and Conditions, and the Site Privacy Policy, which are incorporated herein.

Being eligible for the Referrals Program entitles members (“Members”) to take advantage of certain Referrals Program rewards dollars that may change from time to time and, which may be made available for limited times, all as determined by CICR in its sole discretion. CICR reserves the right to modify these Rewards Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice to you, so it is important to check the Rewards Terms and Conditions periodically. Participation in the Referrals Program and/or redemption of Rewards is considered acceptance of these Rewards Terms and Conditions and any modified terms included therein. CICR may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend or modify any aspect of the Referrals Program and/or any Referrals Program Reward at any time, including the availability of any Referrals Program Reward, without notice.

Referrals Program Period

This Referrals Program will continue until terminated, suspended, modified, or converted to another Referrals Program by CICR.


To become a Member of the Referrals Program, you must be a legal resident of the fifty (50) United States or District of Columbia and be 16 years of age or older. To enroll in the Referrals Program, you must be an active Coffee Lover’s Club member. To become a Coffee Lover’s Club member simply signup at To reactivate a canceled Coffee Lover’s Club please call our Customer Care team at (866) 387-5282. Referral rewards can only be used between different club accounts. In other words Coffee Lovers Club members cannot refer themselves by having two separate subscriptions under one account.

Earning Coffee Lover’s Club Referral Dollars

Once you have become a Member, you can begin racking up Coffee Lover’s Club Referral Dollars (“Referral Dollars”) by simply sharing the Never Pay For Coffee promotion with their friends and family. The link shared provides a $20 off discount on the first shipment when joining the Coffee Lover’s Club. Coffee Lovers Club members may refer their friends and family in the any of the following ways:

  • Sharing their referral unique link found in the “Referral” page of their My-Account. This link is generated by clicking the email button. The member can then copy and paste the link and message to be shared with friends and family. The email button can also be used to open the default email client of that particular member’s computer.
  • Sharing their referral unique link with the one-click Facebook button found in the “Referral” page of their My-Account.
  • Sharing their referral unique link with the one-click Twitter button found in the “Referral” page of their My-Account.

Once a friend or family member (referree) clicks the link provided by the Coffee Lovers Club member(referrer) they are directed to a landing page explaining the $20 off promotion and providing them with the coffee options for their first shipment. The referree chooses their club coffees and signs up for the Coffee Lover’s Club. During this signup process the referree will also select a club shipment frequency — anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks. Once the second shipment of the referree has been paid for and shipped then the referrer’s rewards dollars will be assigned to their Coffee Lovers Club account. At this point they will receive an email announcing their success to referring and provide them the link to login to their my-account to assign their rewards dollars to their next shipment. If the referrer does not log into their account and assign their rewards dollars to their next shipment then no rewards dollars will be applied to their next shipment. The referrers rewards dollars will continue to accrue until they decide to assign said dollars to their next order.


Coffee Lover’s Club Referral Dollars Redemption

For every successful referral, the Coffee Lovers Club member will receive $20 rewards dollars to be used toward their next Coffee Lovers Club shipment. The Referral Dollars are redeemable towards Coffee Lovers Club shipments only. No merchandise, retail coffee or giftboxes may be discounted using referral dollars. If a member has recurring gift subscription orders coming out of their account they may assign Rewards dollars towards these shipments as long as the gift subscription is found under her account. The Rewards dollars may not be used for gift subscriptions under a different account than the Coffee Lovers Club member. In other words if Coffee Lovers Club subscription and your Coffee Lovers Club gift subscriptions are connected to the same user profile then they may share Rewards dollars.

To redeem your Referral Dollars, simply login to your account at and click on the referral tab in the top left. Once on this page select the subscription you would like to assign your referral dollars to and then type in the amount of referral dollars to be assigned to your next Coffee Lovers Club shipment.

Referral Dollars are available for redemption for the discount of coffees only purchased through the Coffee Lovers Club membership while supplies last and quantities may be limited. Members will not be able to redeem Referral Dollars for purchases unless Member has sufficient Referral Dollars for that purchase. Referral Dollars may be applied toward partial orders or purchases. The remainder of the order will be paid by chosen method if payment by Member. Members may not allocate the amount of Referral Dollars they wish to use for an order.

Refunds & Returns

Any items received as a result of Referral Dollars redemption may only be exchanged for a refund of the applicable Referral Dollars redeemed for such item (not cash or credit). Purchases made with Referral Dollars will ship in the normal course of business.

Coffee Lover’s Club Referral Dollars Minimums And Maximum

You cannot redeem Referral Dollars for more than the total amount of your purchase. Referral Dollars are not redeemable for cash.

Coffee Lover’s Club Referral Dollars Balance

You can always check your Coffee Lover’s Club Point balance in your My Account page at

Coffee Lover’s Club Referral Dollars Expiration

Coffee Lovers Club Referral dollars only expire if a member cancels their Coffee Lovers Club subscription. Upon cancellation of the Coffee Lovers Club subscription all Referral Dollars are forfeited. CICR reserves the right to change these terms at any time.

Your Referral Account page lists your Referral Dollars balance. Your “Rewards Dashboard” displays the dates of your referral shares, where they were shared and whether that specific share was successful or not.

Reward Conditions

Rewards may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and the federal, state, and local tax laws applicable to Member. Members are solely responsible for reporting such items on their tax returns and paying any associated tax liability. Members may not assign or transfer any Rewards. CICR makes no warranty in any respect as to any Rewards, merchandise or service available within the Referrals Program.


CICR may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Referrals Program and/or any Reward at any time, including the availability of any Reward, without notice. CICR may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate or suspend any Member’s participation in the Referrals Program for breach of these Rewards Terms and Conditions, or for taking any actions that are inconsistent with the intent of these Terms and Conditions. CICR reserves the right at its sole discretion to prohibit any Member from participating in any aspect of the Referrals Program if CICR deems or suspects that such Member has engaged in or has attempted to engage in any of the following: (a) acting in violation of these Rewards Terms and Conditions; or (b) damaging, tampering with or corrupting the operation of the Referrals Program or Site; or (c) acting with intent to annoy, harass or abuse any other person; or (d) any inappropriate, uncooperative, disruptive, fraudulent, potentially fraudulent, or unusual behavior or activity; or (e) activity deemed in the sole discretion of CICR to be generally inconsistent with the intended operation of the Referrals Program. Any decision CICR makes relating to termination or suspension of any Member’s participation in the Referrals Program shall be final and binding in all respects. CICR shall be the sole determiner in cases of suspected abuse, fraud, or breach of these Rewards Terms and Conditions or intent of these Rewards Terms and Conditions.


By participating in the Referrals Program, Members release CICR, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, advertising and promotions agencies and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents (collectively, “Released Parties”) from any and all liability for any loss, harm, damages, cost or expense, including, without limitation, property damages, personal injury and/or death, arising out of or in any way connected to the Referrals Program and/or the use of any Rewards.


Members agree to indemnify, defend and hold CICR and its representatives and agents harmless from and against any and all third party claims, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses, including attorney’s fees and costs, arising from, or related to any breach by Member of any of these Rewards Terms and Conditions or any violation by Member of applicable law.

Governing Law

The laws of the State of Washington shall govern these Rewards Terms and Conditions. Member hereby expressly consents to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the courts located in Washington for all matters arising in connection with these Rewards Terms and Conditions or Member’s participation in the Referrals Program.