Specialty Grade, Certified Organic Coffee Beans


All Buzzbox Coffee is USDA Certified Organic. No pesticides, no herbicides, no harmful chemicals. Coffee is sprayed with more chemicals than any other crop outside of tobacco. That’s why we commit to only buy USDA Certified Organic coffee beans. These are the tastiest and healthiest beans on the market.

Our coffee is only chosen from the Top 1% of coffee on the market.

In part this is because all of our coffees are organic, shade-grown, and fairly traded. It’s also because we only use 100% Arabica beans. Many coffee companies cut their coffee blends with cheap Robusta filler beans. Robusta has twice the caffeine, and acidity, and provides a very bitter cup of coffee. Want to know why our coffees are so smooth? Because we only use Arabica beans 100% of the time.

Each coffee tree produces approximately one pound of green coffee beans per year. The cherries from each tree must be handpicked when they are a deep, crimson red. After the seeds are cleaned and dried, they must be hand sorted and graded. Specialty coffee has a rating system with levels of ‘perfection’.”

Buzzbox sources their beans from Camano Island Coffee Roasters, because they only select the top 1% grade of coffee available. That means that out of the 2,000 beans found in each pound of Buzzbox coffee, there are less than 40 imperfect beans. This is the highest standard in the world.

Many leading brands allow up to 200 imperfect beans per pound, and these coffee companies typically over-roast their coffee to mask the imperfect taste profile. Of all the coffee in the world, less than 1% of the world’s supply will even make it to the top grade of specialty coffee.

Let’s Change the World

With the commitment of 5,000 Buzzbox coffee drinkers we can build 15 wells to provide 30,000 people in Ethiopia with clean water. You already drink coffee. Why not use it to change a life?