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Bringing The Gospel To Troubled Youth

Bringing The Gospel To Troubled Youth: an update from a Living Hope Team in the field.

Recently we saw great gains with ministering to troubled youth at the Bosasa Youth Development Center. These kids come from rough backgrounds and they have themselves committed crimes. We were unsure of their reception to God’s Word, but as we had prepared we felt led to be bold and intentional about sharing the gospel with these youth. We met with two groups. The first group was large, rowdy and easily distracted amongst themselves. Something amazing happened, however. As our team leader announced he was going to start reading from the Word, the youth immediately began to pay attention and the distractions stopped. Our team was reminded that God’s Word has ultimate authority.

The second group was smaller and more responsive. After we presented the Word, we invited this group to stay behind to discuss and pray over whatever challenges they felt led to share. Two men stayed behind. They both shared that they had case hearings the next day. We prayed with them and felt the Holy Spirit moving as we prayed.

We ask that you too continue to pray for these youth at Bosasa. Thank you also for making a difference with your daily cup of coffee. Because of you, the Gospel is being shared with people across the globe.