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A Note From Rick: How Living Hope is Changing Lives

A Note From Rick: How Living Hope is Changing Lives

Dear Friends,

The Burgess family along with all of us on the Rick and Bubba Show would like to thank all of you for drinking this wonderful coffee and share the impact it is having through the Bronner Burgess Memorial Fund.

Here’s an update on the work that is being done:

A grant has been given to Living Hope South Africa to help combat AIDS: a disease which has killed a generation of adults and left many children with no parents. Living Hope approaches this problem by presenting a Christ-centered approach and changing the moral fiber of the society by teaching children about Jesus Christ. At the same time they provide health care, job training, and life management for adults.

This ministry is in desperate need to raise funds to be able to continue to provide the teaching and the programs that have saved millions of South Africans’ lives. They give them the hope, joy, and peace only found with submission to the authority, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Just by drinking this wonderful coffee you are making a difference by literally changing and saving lives in South Africa through Living Hope. Find out more by going to

Thank you so much,


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