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A Note From Rick: Carry A Child On Your Shoulders

A Note From Rick: Carry A Child On Your Shoulders

Thank you so much for drinking the world’s best coffee and making a difference one cup at a time.  For every Buzzbox you receive, a minimum of $1 goes to the Bronner Burgess Memorial Fund.  The fund was established in 2008 when my youngest son went to heaven at 2 and a half years old.  The Bible clearly tells us in Psalm 139:13-16 that God knew the number of our days and every detail of our life when he wove us together in our mother’s womb.  These words from almighty God remind our family that Bronner’s life was complete at 2 and one half years.  God has also shown us so many things that have been accomplished and continue to be accomplished through a little boy’s earthly life that only lasted on our terms a very short period of time.

On behalf of our family and everyone involved in the Rick and Bubba show we thank you for now being part of God’s work through our son’s name.  The Bronner Burgess Memorial fund supports ministries that must have the proper balance of “good works” and “good news.”  The Bible is very clear that truth without love is wrong, but at the same time love without truth can be just as wrong.

My wife and I have personally worked with the ministries that receive grants from the Bronner Burgess Memorial Fund.  Living Hope in South Africa is one of those ministries that desperately needs funding after losing financial aid from our government after George W. Bush left office.  Living Hope believes the real battle against AIDS can only be won through transforming the lifestyles of a generation through the moral standards of the Holy Bible, while at the same time providing food, water, clothing, job training, education and healthcare to the poorest of the poor in South Africa.  Doulos Partners believes that the best and most efficient way to reach people for Christ around the world is to equip the indigenous people of that country who are followers of Christ with the resources needed to reach their own people and plant local churches.  Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association works to help youth in our own country and around the world with the message of Jesus Christ through huge events like StadiumFest where we saw thousands of people submit to the authority and life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

You can find out more about these ministries by going to,, and

Before this Buzzbox program, our funding was very little and our impact wasn’t what we had prayed it could be; but now because of you drinking the best of the best coffee, the funding is coming in to support these types of ministries and the work God is doing through them around the world.  We search for those ministries that do “good works” but never compromise the “good news.”  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– Rick

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