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Why Only Drink Shade Grown, Low Acid, & Arabica?

Why Only Drink Shade Grown, Low Acid Arabica?

Why does Low Acid coffee matter?

We all love coffee. It’s a great pick-me-up on those difficult Mondays or late evenings at work. But coffee, like most soft drinks, teas and anything with sugar, is acidic. High acidity can create health issues including heartburn and acid reflux. That’s why drinking low-acid coffee is so important. Every coffee you receive from Buzzbox Coffee is low acid.

Why does Shade-Grown coffee matter?

When coffee grows in direct sunlight, it grows incredibly fast. It develops higher levels of acidity, and bitterness. Conversely, shade-grown coffee takes longer to grow, develops less acidity, and a smoother flavor.

Why does Arabica matter?

But, it’s not just low acid and shade-grown coffee that makes the difference. The type of bean you drink makes a huge difference. Make sure you’re only drinking Arabica coffee. Other species of coffee like Robusta, contain twice the caffeine of Arabica. Caffeine can make heartburn and acid reflux worse. By only drinking the Top 1% Arabica from Buzzbox Coffee you not only treat yourself to the highest quality and flavor, but also save yourself the heartburn.