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Saving Lives Through the Power of Faith

Saving Lives Through the Power of Faith

The Bronner Burgess Memorial Fund has been instrumental in supporting the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association. Read further and discover how your support of Buzzbox Coffee transcends into changing people’s lives through the power of faith.

Powerful Faith

As they celebrated last month that there is an empty tomb we were reminded of the people who came to place their faith in Jesus this year at a Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association event.  We are always humbled when God uses us to advance the Gospel and we recognized that in a story shared with us after an event earlier this year.

Finding Hope

A sixteen-year old girl recently attended one of our conferences. She had lost her mom a few years ago to a drug overdose. Two weeks before the conference she lost her dad to a drug overdose. This confused and hurting teenager was searching for someone to tell her that everything was going to be okay. She found that someone, Jesus, on the last evening of the conference.

Making A Difference

It’s not an event, song, or personality that changes lives, it’s Jesus Christ and we are blessed to be an avenue to make Him known.  Here at the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association, we’re proud to be a partner with the Rick and Bubba in proclaiming this Hope.

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